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A Capella Flash-Mobs

San Remo

Celebrity Fight Night 2015 - Florence, Italy

Celebrity fight

Shai Fishman was invited by Legendary Tenor Andrea Bocelli to create a special musical appearance at the "Celebrity Fight Night" event in Florence, Italy. 

It was the first time the event was ever held outside of the USA (in Florence, Italy).


On September 7th, on the closing (and biggest) night, featuring a gala in the historical "Salone dei Cinquecento" (salon of the 500) at the Palazzo Vecchio - Fishman created a 10-minute a cappella set, starting with an elaborate 3-minute operatic-piece which took the 500 patrons completely by surprise! 


Pretending to be either guests at the tables, ushers, security guards, waiters and cooks - 15 singers gradually broke into song and dance between the tables and ended on the stage. Among the patrons, there was a VERY distinguished long list of patrons (including George Clooney, Lionel Richie, Sophia Loren, Roberto Cavalli, David Foster, Laura Pausini, Zubin Mehta, Jimmy Walker  and many more)


Shai Fishman meticulously meshed up 22 songs into an an arrangement, described by Lionel Richie as being a "Rollercoaster of songs - I had to sing along...!"


The crowd went completely wild when they found out that Andrea Bocelli was a part of the flashmob, when he suddenly joined the group as the lead singer of his famous song: "Time to say goodbye" - which was the finale of the event.  


 Grammy-winning composer and producer David Foster  was also an integral part of this flash mob – and even George Clooney and Lionel Richie played a part in the flash mob and took to the stage to accept awards given by the CFN.
Click here for more on this event:  Celebrity Fight Night - Andrea Bocelli Flash-mob

Arranger and Musical director: Shai Fishman 

Director: Erez Drigues

Local producer: Veronica Berti - Bocelli

Executive Producer: Noa Margalit

Sound Design and live mix: Naor Ben Meir

T-Mobile Campaign "Life's For Sharing" 2010 - London, England

T-Mobile's 3rd installment from the "Life's for Sharing" Campaign, launched in 2009. This flashmob commercials was shot and performed live, on location, in Heathrow's Terminal 5 (International Arrivals). A welcome home to remember....

Directed by Henry Alex-Rubin

Arranged, Musically Directed and Conducted by Shai Fishman

Fish-i team - Yossi "Joseph" Cohen, Kostya Vasilkov

Mixed by Ben Leeves

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production Company: Smuggler Films

San Remo Festival 2014 - San remo, Italy


Shai Fishman was asked to surprise the audience at the 2014 San Remo festival (the highest rated TV event in Italy for over 60 years) with a spectacular live flash mob. On Thursday evening (Feb 20, 2014), a group of 35 singers and musicians performed an original arrangement, mostly a capella, live on TV, as a surprise to both the audience at the venue and the millions of viewers at home..


The plot of the flash mob starts with one of the actors (while still sitting in the orchestra section) yells out at the host and demands: "Enough talking! let's get on with the music... San Remo is a festival of music …! " 

The host, Fabio Fazio, immediately calls a security officer (Gilan Shahaf) who turns out to be another singer and he then starts a musical performance - a custom-made arrangement spanning 15 songs. 

This one left the Italian audience amazed! 


The festival was broadcast live and received over 55 % ratings - more than 30 Million people; consequently, it gained the Israeli creator and his talented singers significant exposure and many fans around Italy. 


Newspapers that have been covering the festival for many years stated after the show: "..this kind of artistry and originality has yet to be seen at the festival... and well-done on RAI1 for making the call and inviting such an innovative act, by creator Shai Fishman, who is no stranger to surprising large audiences, with shows like the Voca People and the Heathrow T5 Flashmob for T-mobile..  he managed to unite a simply fantastic group of 35 singers, instrumentalists and beat boxers!"


Director and musical director: Shai Fishman

Flash mob produced - by Ettore Caretta, via Sounday music for RAI1 TV channel

Tour manager (and local tech production): Marco Morelli

Executive Producer: Noa Margalit

Sound Design and live mix for TV: Naor Ben Meir

Musical advisor and sound pre-production in Israel: Shai Mantzur


San Remo Festival 2014
"welcome Back" - T Mobile
Celebruty Fight Night 2014
(40:20, 42:40)
Rehearsing for San Remo 2014
The Making of T-Mobile - Welcome Back
Girls Rehearsal for San Remo 2014
Multi-langual beat box
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