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The VocaPeople

The Voca People is a live a cappella show with 8 vocal artists (3 guys, 3 girls & 2 beat boxers).

This international hit, is currently in its' 10th year, with 5 international casts around the world, including over 400 shows on Broadway, and 4 years of running in Paris (longest running show of all time in France).

What is The Voca People show?

With over 150 million YouTube hits and a world-wide audiences of over 3 million, spanning more than 50 countries, and counting, the Voca People use no musical instruments and produce all sounds live combining a-Capella and modern beat-box techniques.
Full of energy and bursting with comedy and audience participation, this international phenomenon features more than 100 all-time favorite hits by artists such as Madonna,  Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, via the Beatles, ABBA, Ray Charles, all the way to Mozart and Bach! 
No instruments, no sound effects - just eight incredible, talented singer-comedians

The show has become a world wide phenomenon and inspired such groups as "Pentatonix" and TV shows like "The Sing-Off""Glee" and films such as "Pitch Perfect".  The Voca People is a show like no other; Amazing vocal sounds, all accapella and beat box, creating an incredible range of sounds and instruments.

It is  truly an experience of total excitement, music of all times, comedy and audience participation.   

More on the voca people and tickets to a show in your country at:

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International TV
Sing-Off France Finale
Treasure Bruno Mars
Thrift Shop / Suit and Tie
Danone Commercial1/3
Danone Commercial 2/3
Danone Commercial 3/3
Tic-Tac Campaign
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